Meet Sarah Denton PG CHG CEM

Principal Hydrogeologist

Sarah Denton PG CHG CEM
Principal Hydrogeologist

Ms. Denton is a registered Professional Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist in the State of California and a Certified Environmental Manager in the State of Nevada. Ms. Denton is The Reynolds Group’s Principal Hydrogeologist and specializes in site characterization, data gap evaluation, redevelopment strategies, environmental site assessments, remediation, auditing, and environmental permitting. Ms. Denton’s diverse experience includes Brownfields redevelopment; the redevelopment of military, oil field and industrial properties; environmental screening and permitting for energy projects; NEPA/CEQA evaluation and permitting; risk assessment; litigation and trial support; and habitat evaluation and biological resources management. 

Ms. Denton is responsible for overseeing, designing and managing environmental investigations and also supports The Reynolds Group’s various clients with redevelopment or acquisition strategies, agency liaison, environmental permitting, and post-acquisition environmental management tasks. Additionally, as technical lead to the group, Ms. Denton keeps The Reynolds Group at the leading edge in emerging technologies, investigative techniques, regulatory developments, and industry trends.