Service: Underground Storage Tank Removals

Any unmodified underground storage tanks (USTs) installed before 1988 in California should have been upgraded, replaced or removed by the end of 1998. According to Federal and State of California regulations, December 22, 1998 was the deadline. There is no extension.

Owners who missed this deadline are finding their insurance carriers canceling coverage. In addition, owners who are out of compliance with current tank laws may jeopardize any claims to the State of California UST Fund for financial assistance in cleaning up petroleum leaks.

The following tanks will need to be upgraded, replaced or removed:

* All single-wall unprotected steel tanks storing motor vehicle fuel.
* All tanks that don't have spill and overfill prevention and striker plates.
* All single-wall tanks containing hazardous substances such as chemicals

Also, any piping that does not have secondary containment or corrosion protection must either be upgraded with corrosion protection, subject to local agency verification that the piping is structurally sound, or be replaced with secondary containment.

For detailed UST laws and regulations, please contact the State Water Resources Board, your county health department, or city fire department. Or simply contact The Reynolds Group, environmental consultants, contractors, and specialists for tank removal, upgrade and replacement.

Above Ground Storage Tank Installation (6902)

Proj Mgr: Dwayne Ziegler
Completed: 12/30/2006
Industry: School Districts/private Educators
Service: Underground Storage Tank Removals
The Reynolds Group has successfully removed underground fuel storage tanks and/or installed above ground fuel storage tanks at a number of schools in the Los Angeles Community College District.


Client: ALAD
Proj Mgr: Dwayne Ziegler
Completed: 02/05/2007
Industry: Non-profit Organizations
Service: Underground Storage Tank Removals
The Reynolds Group was hired by the Association for Los Angeles Sheriffs (ALADS) in 2007 to resolve what appeared to be a rather complicated underground storage tank (UST) matter. During due diligence for the pending sale of the ALADS property, a UST was found under the city right of way immediately adjacent to the site. The UST held the potential to sour the deal.

The previous consultant on the case encountered several setbacks and was estimating the project would cost about $200,000 to resolve over a long time frame. The UST lay beneath the public sidewalk with several telephone cables and high voltage electric lines running above it. The discovery of the tank placed tremendous pressure on the Executive Director of ALADS to obtain closure of the issue from the City of Los Angeles Fire Department . Abandoning the tank in place would have required a revocable permit and ALADS would have been liable for removing the UST at any point in the future if the City revoked the permit. Therefore, The Reynolds Group navigated through several city agencies to permit the project including the Los Angeles Fire Department, Bureau of Engineering, Street Lighting Division, Urban Forestry Division and the Department of Water and Power, in addition to the SBC and Verizon telecommunication companies.

The removal of the UST involved the coordination of a dozen trades over two separate phases, the first of which was conducted while the project permit applications were in process. The Reynolds Group saved the client $120,000 and obtained a No Further Action letter (closure letter) after removing the UST.

Dig and Haul (4976)

Client: H & S FOOD AND GAS
Proj Mgr: Al Fuan
Completed: In Progress
Industry: Real Estate Developers
Service: Underground Storage Tank Removals
The Reynolds Group is working with a Korean Developer in downtown Los Angeles on a mixed use development. The client purchased a contaminated property in a tax distress sale and has been admitted to receive Orphan Account funds. The site is in a blighted area of Los Angeles (west of downtown at 3rd Street). TRG is helping the developer scope the environmental portion of the project and we have been instrumental in helping them secure grant funding from the State. The City of Los Angeles Redevelopment Agency, the Federal and State EPA, and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board are all part of the project process.

Remove UST's and Phase II (6961.V)

Proj Mgr: Sarah Pearcy
Completed: 02/11/2014
Industry: Redevelopment Agencies
City, County, State And Federal Agencies
Service: Brownfields/redevelopment
Underground Storage Tank Removals
In the first quarter of 2014, The Reynolds Group obtained full regulatory closure for a contaminated Brownfield site in the City of Coachella. The closure of the fallow "Brownfield" site allows the City and surrounding impacted properties to realize their full economic value without any environmental impairment discount.

The cleanup was funded by the Emergency, Abandoned, and Recalcitrant (EAR) Account, which is administered by the State of California Cleanup Fund. TRG assessed the gasoline plumes in soil and groundwater, which extended far off site across a city street and beneath neighboring properties, installed soil vapor extraction and bio-air sparge systems, and completed active remediation. An MTBE cut off plume was also cleaned up south of the Site. TRG conducted semi-annual groundwater monitoring through an extensive network of groundwater monitoring wells.

The work was completed using off-site bio-air sparge wells to address the plume in the groundwater that had traveled off-site. Bio-air sparging is a form of remediation that uses the natural bacteria in the soil above the groundwater to decompose volatile organic compounds that are stripped from the water during sparging. Bio-air sparging, if shown to be effective during pilot testing, allows an active remediation system to be constructed without having to use costly carbon to treat the gasoline in the air stream. At Coachella, TRG showed that bio-air sparging was effective to save tens of thousands of dollars in operations and maintenance costs.

Additionally, to ensure an even greater impact on the overall project, TRG coordinated efforts between EAR funding administrators and the local Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board regulator to lay out project plans and budgets. TRGs full menu of technical, project management, and financial fiduciary capabilities significantly reduced the time to closure. Closure was achieved from Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Reynolds Group performed its work to the Clean-Up Fund Cost Guidelines with pre-approved budgets.

Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Cleanup (4068.V)

Proj Mgr: Al Fuan
Completed: In Progress
Industry: City, County, State And Federal Agencies
Service: Groundwater Monitoring
Underground Storage Tank Removals
TRG was retained by the Orange County Sheriff Department to prepare a case summary and recommendations pertaining to a gasoline fuel release into the subsurface soil and groundwater from a former UST at the Musick Jail Facility. TRG reviewed all historical environmental work and performed additional groundwater assessment to determine current conditions at the site. TRG also interacted openly with the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (SARWQCB) to discuss the closure criteria for the site. TRG determined that remedial action of the subsurface soil at the site would be necessary to attain case closure at the site. TRG has been retained by the Orange County Sheriff Department to present the cleanup strategy to the SARWQCB.

Former Gasoline Service Due Diligence (7280.II)

Proj Mgr: Rosanne Fischer
Completed: 01/20/2008
Industry: Banks/real Estate Financiers & Investors
Service: Real Estate Due Diligence And Transaction Support
Underground Storage Tank Removals
A nationwide coffee chain was considering purchase of a former gasoline service station parcel in El Monte, California, for redevelopment into a retail coffee house. TRG was contracted to perform a Phase I ESA for the property to determine if any issues of environmental concern existed on or near the property. Although the owner of the property at that time vowed having received regulatory closure following leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) and subsequent remediation at the former gas station, historical research by TRG uncovered that the leaking UST case remained open with the regulatory agency. The real estate transaction was suspended, pending resolution of the open UST case at the property.

UST Removal (6638.XIV)

Proj Mgr: Dwayne Ziegler
Completed: 02/16/2010
Industry: School Districts/private Educators
Service: Underground Storage Tank Removals
TRG worked with the City of Los Angeles Fire Department to removal a 6,000 Gallon double wall fiberglass underground storage tank at the Los Angeles Valley College in Valley Glen. There were four samples that were used to determine a case closure to the UST removal. The samples were taken from beneath the former dispenser location, below the former product pipeline run, stockpiled soils removed from above and around the UST and also the sidewall of the tank excavation. TRG found no MTBE, ETBE, TAME, DIPE, TBA, Ethanol or Methanol but did find low gasoline constituents in the soil samples collected. The Reynolds Group recommended a case closure to the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and was granted a Closure Letter in January of 2010.
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